The Fine Print

You’re a day maker
A breath taker
Seriously, take it all, I’m yours if you want me
Asking how I can stand you
When I’m pretty sure
I should be asking that question
and I have more-

How long will it last?
Tell me please
Where you sit now,
are you comfortable?
Do you fit?
I’ve known many a contortionist.
Who are you when I’m not looking?

I’ll have you know, I’ll be work
I need you prepared for the task at hand
I won’t agree to anything unless I read the fine print
and I don’t expect you to either
Understand that I don’t need saving
I’m not a damsel in distress
Run now if you must

I am a lioness, I am a monster
I will rip you apart
and pick my teeth with your bones
I refuse to be tamed-
Don’t say I never told you.
I am strong, I am capable
So tell me please

Do you know what you’re in for?
Do you fit?
Are you comfortable where you are?
Many men before you have sat upon this pedestal
like it was a torture device
and I like you-
So don’t you dare throw your back out for my sake

3 thoughts on “The Fine Print

Add yours

      1. You’re most welcome!
        I love to write and I also love to read
        I learn so much and about so many beautiful people when I read them.
        When we write, we share what we already know.
        When we read, we find out what we do not know.
        You have a beautiful pen 🖊
        Keep it up 👌💕


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