Dear Mr. A

I almost wrote a sappy poem
About how my heart would break
And yours too, ’cause we let it
In fact, I got three stanzas in but then I scrapped the whole page
And then I came to my senses and that’s not for you babe
I said I loved you and I meant every inch

I don’t think you believed me
I only said it once and I probably won’t repeat myself
I only said it once so don’t forget it
On that night when we could hear the wind roar through your window panes
I swore time stood still, if only for an instant
It felt so right; those words had been dying to escape for quite a while

Smile A, because this one is for you
You lit the way for me, allowing me to find myself
I’m on my way there now,
So let me do the same
Every night we’d hold each other was a masterpiece
Each one more than the one before
But my work is far from over- let me continue

Your name is beautiful just like you
So don’t forget it
I said what I said and I meant it
Love is real-
Deserving so much more than me
It’s not only written on your arm
It’s written on your face
Where to go from here?
I mustn’t stay

Our passion could power ten thousand generators
And then probably Manhattan
I won’t deny that’s there, we saw it ourselves
We weren’t ready for such beauty
I believe it blinded our eyes
We went that far and made it back to the start together

However at the end of the day we’re still two lost souls
Swimming in a fishbowl
But this is your year
You’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time
Your work isn’t done, it’s just at the start
So smile, A- Let me set you free
Your heart is too perfect to just settle for anything and chain it to me

There was a time not too long ago
When the only thing that mattered
Was for me to be with you
But how inconsiderate!
What a selfish way to be
We both have a long way to go
Before we make it back home


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