This Little Light of Mine

It’s not fair when you tell me you think I’m beautiful
I don’t care if you talked to her about how you felt for me for hours
I’m afraid it’s too little too late babe
If you can’t tell me the same fucking things your goddamn self
I don’t know what I’m doing here

Waiting for my battle to be won
Fantasizing about how you felt about me and adding my own selfish embellishment
Waiting for you to take me in your arms.

I’m afraid it’s been too late for us
I can’t continue waiting any more
And when you force things, they break
I acted the way I did because i saw this coming
In some sick twisted way i did this to myself

I’m not blind to human nature, I chose naivety
How do I not exist for days and weeks when she’s around
It’s not a surprise, but i still have to ask myself-
Why am I still here?
When you broke my heart
That day months ago, at that show
When you told me you didn’t want me to be anything special

Just a doll on a shelf
To hold whenever you wanted

At first, I wanted to level mountains
Set fire to entire cities
But still, I met this challenge with enthusiasm
For it was too late for me
You had already become a safe place.

Well I met someone
Someone who every night not only remembers I exist but seems to actually appreciate the fact
Someone in the position to give me what I want
I’m going to move on to other cities,
other towns and meet a bunch of other men just like you.

I’ve made a decision to stop fighting
I’ve made a decision to light my own candle to guide my way.

So here we are.
So I hope she wants you
I hope she needs you
I hope she puts up with you for as long as you want her to.
I hope she’s everything you want and more.

Because even if she does, even if she is,

You still miss me. You will

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